• Parents As Teachers - PAT

  • People reading Parents as Teachers (PAT) is a program for any prenatal to school age child.  Parents have a unique opportunity to be the first teacher in their child's life.  Most brain development occurs in the first few years.  PAT is a program that will provide individual visits with a PAT educator, the parent or guardian, and their child to help with school readiness.  There will be group visits that provide extra activities and interaction with other families.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 People reading


    *Provides parents with fun activities appropriate for individual stages of development.

    *Program is evidence based and proven to be successful.

    *Provides parents with information on what to look for and expect as children grow and develop.

    *Provides developmental screenings.

    *Provides opportunities to meet other PAT families and share experiences and discuss topics of interest.

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