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    The West Plains R-7 School District has proposed an increase in tuition of $405.43 per student next year, with a minimum increase of 5% for each of the next five years.  The attached document details the significant, negative impact an increase of this magnitude will have on the K-8 school districts surrounding West Plains.

    Tuition Increase Impact on K-8 Rural School




     Howell Valley Student Creed 

    I am aware of the many opportunities available to me in this school.
    I desire to take advantage of these opportunities.
    I will give back respect and a positive attitude.
    I desire to follow the traditions of the school by always keeping this thought at the front of my mind-
    "Is what I am about to say or do something every student could say or do without bringing harm or insult to others or my school"?





  • Dollars were raised for the Washington, D.C. trip by students voting on a teacher to put in "jail."  Mrs. Medina was escorted to jail by "Deputy Price", while students in 5th grade celebrated with a party!

    Jail time!         Party


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