Howell Valley Parent/Guardians, 

The construction of our new cafeteria/kitchen has caused some safety concerns as HV buses are now dropping off and picking up students behind the middle school. For several years, parents have used this area to drop off athletes and choir/band students in the morning. For safety reasons, this will no longer be an option. Beginning this evening, we will begin securing all Howell Valley entry/exit gates at the end of the school day (including the gate beside Preschool). 

Early morning athletic practice/choir/band will continue as scheduled. However, the safest place to drop off your athlete or choir/band student is now the front parking lot. The gate between the elementary building and middle school building will be open, which will allow students to walk through the courtyard to the music/band trailer(s). 

Please keep in mind, this is only temporary. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.